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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fianna Fáil Minister in "Smart Move" Shock

A couple of days ago, our esteemed Minister of Science, Conor Lenihan, pulled out of a book launch at the request of its author, John May. The book, The Origin of Specious Nonsense, is about how there's no such thing as evolution by natural selection, and that everything we know about science is wrong.

Just to repeat. Our Minister of Science was launching a book that denied evolution. And did he back out because the idea of a Minister of fucking Science launching such a thing would make us the laughing stock of the entire planet (some southern states of the US excepted)? No. He did it because the author, who obviously had more cop on, requested that he do so.

 We're assured that Lenihan agreed only to launch the book because the author was "a friend and a constituent". We're reliably informed that our Minister of Science does indeed believe the fact of evolution by natural selection. So the fuck what? If the book had been called "Fourteen Ways to Skullfuck a Dead Baby through its Eyesockets", would we content as long as we received assurances that the Minister of Science had never actually performed such an act? Would we say "ah, sure, the guy is a consitituent. It'd be rude of the Minister not to pop along and say a few words"?

We would in our collective holes.

I've never liked that fucker, you know. Many years ago, when I was working as Presiding Officer during an election, he came barrelling up to the table, grabbed my hand and started shaking it vigorously. The book I was reading went flying, and I lost my page. Bastard. Since I moved out of his constituency, I figured I'd never have to deal with him again.

But, not for the first or last time, I underestimated Fianna Fáil's outstanding ability to fuck things up for everyday folk such as your humble blogger.

It pains me to say this, but John May is to be congratulated if events did indeed unfold as we've been led to believe. He was aware that his friend, Minister of Science Conor Lenihan, would receive untold shit for his attendance, and requested that he withdraw. In doing so, he showed more perspicacity and political nous than the Minister and all his staff.

In light of this fact, I have wonder if Biffo didn't give a radio interview while pissed on purpose. It's certainly less embarrassing to the country than having a Minister of Science who doesn't even have the brains of someone who doesn't believe in evolution.

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