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Thursday, September 9, 2010

International Hand-wringing Day

One would like to say "only in America", but the sad truth is that there are dipshits like this everywhere. They just happen to be more public in the US.

I speak of course, of the pastor who decided that on 11th September, he's going to host a Koran burning. The generalissimo in Kabul said that this was going to cause problems there. The White House has said it's a bad idea. Throughout the world, journalists are reporting on how terrible a thing this is. But they're reporting it.

Thing is, it's just one asshole carrying on the noble asshole tradition of book burning. Nothing new there. The most egregious aspect of this story is that we all know about it. We know his name. We know his church. We can see photographs of the dipshit in question standing before a large sign proclaiming his intentions. Why?

There's no doubt that, unlike most of the 1st Amendment nonsense one reads about, he absolutely does have the right to do this. And he should. But there's no reason for the rest of the world to hear about it. We should just let this idiot do his thing, and forget about it. Instead, it's being covered by the AP and countless other organisations, turning one bigoted, uninformed asshole into a cause celebre for bigoted, uninformed assholes everywhere.

Yeah, it'd be cool to bring along a bunch of bibles and have a parallel burning. But that'd still be a book burning. The best option would be to ignore this fucker, and get on with our lives.

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