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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Surely you can't be serious

Gentle reader, I offer for your delectation this link. I do so for a reason. Is it...
  1. That after reading and enjoying Patrick Smith's column (and book) for so many years, I've decided to pay him back by publishing a story that denigrates his entire profession.
  2. Because it gives me a chance to note that pilots really do ask visitors to the cockpit if they've ever been in a Turkish prison
  3. Because of a missing 'for'
Actually, it's 2. But in case you were wondering about 3, have a look at this line:
87 were treated or diagnosed with sexual deviation, which includes pedophilia, voyeurism and fetishism.
Had it said that '87 were treated for or diagnosed with...', I'd have tittered immaturely and moved on. But instead I'm left wondering what exactly is involved in the treatment they gave those pilots. I expect we'll find out when the video goes viral.

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