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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Mission Creep

My friends, I seem to have lost my way. This blog, when I set it up, was supposed to be host to my invective against the fools of the world. I was aware that there'd always be some scientific component to this; particularly when dealing with the unholy trinity of creationists, homeopaths and astrologers. But as the days go by, I see more and more science, and many fewer assholes than I'd hoped to address.

The time has come to rectify this.

From here on, this blog will be devoted wholly to abuse. I've set up a new blog,, on which I'll continue with the sciency bits. I hope you'll head over there.

Oh, and please rest assured: my use of sciencophile isn't part of some cunning plan to get the world using that word. It's just that my first few choices weren't available.

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